Namaste and Welcome


Dear all members, supporters and well-wishers,

With the slogan “let’s unite together to preserve, promote and practice Nepalese art, culture along with folk & duet songs from abroad land” National Folk and Duet Song Academy Nepal (NFDSAN), UK branch was established on May, 2014 and is the first branch organization to be established outside Nepal under NFDSAN. I am very privileged and honoured to be the first president ever and founder member of NFDSAN, UK. I would like to express my great gratitude and extend the warm greetings to all the members, supporters and well-wishers. I am here and serving as a president is all because of you and thank you all for your kind help and supports.

As we all know that Nepal is very rich in culture and has a vast diversity in terms of folks and duet songs. There are many cultural groups in Nepal and every groups have their own culture. Folk and duet songs have been the identity of Nepal and we are proud that no other country have the culture of duet songs in the world. At the same time it is our duty to preserve and promote our culture whether from inside the country or outside the country. The main objective of NFDSAN, UK is to extend the reach of Nepalese folk and duet song culture to every Nepalese community living in UK as well as other parts of the world.

Due to different circumstances, many people are living outside Nepal but it doesn’t meant that we have forgot our Nepalese culture. Nepal is in our heart and always remain in the heart. There are a large number of Nepalese people living in the UK. With the help and support of the Nepalese people living in UK, our organization is trying to follow the path of parent organization whose main office is based in Nepal. We have been very successful in short period and very satisfied what we have achieved so far. We have not only been preserving or promoting Nepalese culture in UK but the practising different culture either by organizing programs in Teej or playing Deusi Bhailo in Tihar. We have organized some of the events to promote the Nepalese culture and we will definitely organize the events in future as well.

Finally I would like to welcome you all to our new website and I hope this website will become the platform of sharing information, views, ideas among the members and supporters of NFDSAN. No one is perfect in the world so your feedback is equally important for us. Please provide any feedbacks about the organization which we will use for the effective run of the organization. Lastly I urged to all the people of UK to become life member of the organization or at least the member of NFDSAN, UK.

Mohan Gurung
President NFDSAN ,UK