Our country Nepal is very rich in culture and have multi-caste, multi-language and different culture. Folk and duet songs are the treasure of our folk culture and these culture reflects the national identity of Nepal all over the world. So to keep the folk culture well managed and keep disciplined, to prevent the traditional culture from each and every part of the Nepalese society, to keep alive the feat of folk and duet songs which has become the strongest medium to reflect the pain, sorrow and tears among people and With the slogan “let’s unite together to preserve, promote and practice Nepalese arts, culture along with folk & duet songs from abroad land”, National Folk and Duet Song Academy Nepal(NFDSAN),UK Branch was established on May,2014 with the help of all the artists related to this field and well-wishers presently living in the UK under the leadership of Mr. Mohan Gurung and the presence of current senior vice- president of NFDSAN Mr. Badri Pangeni. NFDSAN, UK branch is the first abroad branch to be established outside of Nepal.

The temporary committee then formed did a quite good job. Performing some cultural dances and programs in NEPLAI MELA 2014 was a big achievement of the committee members and found appreciation among the Nepalese people living in the UK. The temporary committee also did a great job for raising the financial help to run the academy. They ask for the charity among the people, find sponsors, and more importantly playing “Deusi Bhailo” in one of the Nepalese biggest festivals Tihar in 2014.

But for the temporary committee, the big and toughest task was to form the committee fully and permanently which can work for next 2 years. After the discussion between the temporary members, with the help of advice and suggestion of the advisors and the well-wishers, on janaury 17 2015 the permanent committee was formed first time ever in the history of NFDSAN outside Nepal. On that big day many cultural programs were presented by the committee members, local artists and the famous Nepalese folk & duet singer Ms Jamuna Sonam. The program was a huge success and we want to thank Nirmaya rodhi Ghar for providing the venue to do the cultural program. The 21 members committee was formed including the advisors and for the hard work and dedication towards the academy, Mr Mohan Gurung was again elected as the first president of NFDSAN UK branch. The whole list of the committee members can be found here. Committee memebrs

Mrs Rashmi Pokhrel